Solid State Drive (SSD)

Solid State Drive (SSD) series is the best drop-in replacement for high-maintenance HDDs where reliability is a major concern offering the performance and reliability needed by mission critical applications. They are built with SLC, pSLC, MLC or TLC NAND Flash components

embedded ssd

Embedded SSD

Embedded SSDs are flash disk modules designed to deliver integrated on-board computing with minimized footprint requirements for embedded solid state disk storage applications. Embedded SSD series is constructed using SLC, pSLC, MLC or TLC NAND Flash components.

micro sd

Memory Card

Industrial PC Card product line includes ATA Flash, Linear Flash and SRAM cards. The Linear Flash cards are available in Intel Series I, series II, Series 5, Series 100, StrataFlash and AMD series D Cards. SRAM cards are available in single rechargeable battery and dual battery design.

pc card

PC Card

MagicRAM offers Secure Digital (SD), microSD, CF & CFast cards in standard & extended temperature (-40C – +85C). They are built with SLC, pSLC, MLC or TLC NAND Flash components and are available with Write Protect Switch in capacities up to 512GB.